Patty Chen's Dumpling Room
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Open Today!

Open Today!

Open Today!

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Here comes Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room, your new hallowed ground for date-night glory vis-à-vis Taiwan’s most beloved street food.UrbanDaddy

Welcome to Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room! Sample Chef Patty’s delectable assortment of traditional and one-of-a-kind savory and sweet (that’s right, dessert) dumplings. Enjoy table-service in her quirky, fun, and, even a little bit, sexy dining room right in the heart of Central Square, or order take-out or delivery and experience her dumplings in any room you choose.

Remember to check-in for daily specials, as Chef Patty is always creating new and exciting dumplings inspired by cuisine on kitchen tables around the world!

Hours & Location

11:30 am - 11:30 am 7 days a week

907 Main St, Cambridge, MA ‎


Chef Patty Chen

Patty Chen's Dumpling School ‎

Learn to make the most delicious dumplings on a night and location of your choosing! (hourly rate).


Patty Chen's can cater your next party with dumplings for sale in quantities of 50 and 100 pieces.

Call (617) 491-6616